Earned masters degrees in social pedagogy and cultural science. A graduate of and instructor at ALMA MATER, family coach (T. Godon), shamanic practitioner (M. Harner FSS), author, film-maker, member of the management board of MatriaVal e.V. (registered association), founder of matria-Oase

Who am I?

I grew up with two brothers as a father’s daughter, married and brought three sons into the world. Then I got divorced, devoted myself to matriarchal research and officially changed my name to Margotsdotter (a Low-German form of Margot’s daughter).

Where do I come from?

Born in Düsseldorf I lived most of my life in Wedel near Hamburg. First I worked as a nurse, businesswoman and social worker. For years I have been teaching and researching in the field of matriarchy-patriarchy. This is the most fascinating and rewarding work that there is.

Why am I here?

In the world? To see and recount what is beautiful and empowering. Here in Schleswig-Holstein? Because there are many matriarchal treasures to find here: in the landscape, the culture and in the hearts of the people. At MatriaCon? Because it is the most exceptional matriarchy school in the world.

What is my Path with Heart?

Gratefully to experience everything that wants to be live and experienced.