MAKILAM. Researcher of women, anthropologist, historian, author, Guardian Hera of MatriaCon.

Who am I?

I am the second of four daughters of my mother Fazia Nait Ali, whose mother brought 13 children into the world. As a Berber I grew up in a mother-centered society for 17 years. I have lived in Bremen since 1970.

Where do I come from?

I come from Kabylei, where the aboriginals of Algeria – the Berber – live and where I researched and documented the cosmology of the oral traditions of the indigenous Berbers. I published two books based on my dissertation on the women of the traditional Kabylei and their magic rituals and practices as well as their art (pottery, painting, etc.).

Why am I here?

As heiress of the knowledge of my ancestors I see myself as responsible for passing on the unique women’s-culture of the Kabyle people.

What is my Path with Heart?

The strength and knowledge of women as mothers of humanity – all women, but also all men – are not perceived in our history and in our “modern” society and are even eradicated. It is my paramount concern to make women’s-culture better known, using the matriarchal, mother-centered society of Kabylei as a counterexample.