Political scientist and instructor of Romance languages, Professor of the University of New Orleans, teaches political science and gender research and researches the areas of civilization and social theory with an emphasis on politics and reproduction.

Who am I and where do I come from?

Feminist since my teenage years, born in Innsbruck, Viennese for 20 years, now living in the USA, mother of an adult son.

Why am I here (at MatriaCon)?

Because it is very important to me that women not only receive scientific confirmation of their feeling that something is deeply wrong with the ideal mother and the nuclear family structure, but also find an exciting new way to structure life.

What is my Path with Heart?

I find my mission as researcher, instructor and mentor training others to think “outside the box” fulfilling. I am interested in all fields that touch our human existence daily, such as politics, art, architecture and flowers growing along the path.