Teacher emeritus (Jubilata) studied to be a feminist matriarchal educator at ALMA MATER Academy, member of the Council of Grandmothers and as such also Guardian Hera of MatriaCon.

Who am I?

I am KaraMa, the only child of my mother Hertha. Mother of two daughters, two sons, grandmother of three granddaughters and two grandsons. Tangibly I live together with a daughter-family, along with the affiliated grandfather, as the clan-mother.

Where do I come from?

As a child of a displaced family I grew up with my mother and grandmother in Karlsruhe. Until my retirement I worked as a teacher in Ulm and Markdorf on Lake Constance, where I still live today.

Why am I here?

All my life I remember longing to be included in family relationships like those I see in matriarchal structures. It is very important to me to research them, to live them and modify them both in my surroundings as well as for future generations.

What is my Path with Heart?

My way of the heart are the mothers, the ancestors, the present and future mothers, Mother Earth, our FIRST mother, who keeps our world peaceful and liveable. I want to commemorate her using all the means available to me, for which the new school for matriarchal consciousness, MatriaCon, offers me an appropriate platform.