Instructor of feminist-matriarchal cultures, Wheel of the Year ritual leader (ALMA MATER Academy) and artist: with a focus on need oriented communication (NVC) and labyrinth research

Who am I?

Li Shalima – labyrinth philosopher and artist

Where do I come from?

I was born and raised in the western half of divided Berlin in the 60s and 70s, as the second of five daughters in a nuclear family orphaned by the construction of the wall.

Why am I here?

I teach the primal labyrinth using analogue images and using the Wheel of Year I teach the foundations of an elemental spirituality. I support people who would like to live peacefully and in harmony with nature using a modern matriarchal system of values.

What is my Path with Heart?

Since my early youth I have been interested in the answer to the question: why does our society contain so much hostility to life? I am searching for paths of healing and enjoy actively designing alternative spaces in which women can develop and apply a new culture of peace with matriarchal consciousness. I am firmly convinced that when women heal their ‘patriarchitis’, all people can be liberated from it, because women are the mothers of the world.