Matriarchal film-maker (tomult & töchter), educator and graduate of ALMA MATER Academy, member of the MatriaCon-Team, member of the management board of MatriaVal e.V.

Who am I?

Gertrud’s daughter. For more than 20 years I have been working on matriarchal issues. This has changed my life and myself for the better.

Where do I come from?

I come from a nuclear family and grew up in Frankfurt on the Main. Through acquiring knowledge about matriarchal social structures and being involved with matriarchal contexts this nuclear family was able to become a mother clan. My mother, my sister, her daughter and I moved into a house on the edge of the city where we are earn our livelihood together, support each other and enjoy every day.

Why am I here?

I would like to share with others what I have been permitted to learn from matriarchal peoples such as the Khasi, the Mosuo, the Palau, the Garo, the Jaintia, the Minang and many others in a manner which does them justice and can inspire and serve as a model for others.

What is my Path with Heart?

Security, reliability, recognition, peacefulness, tenderness, support, exchange, constant loving encouragement: that is the way I try to live and experience life. That is what I wish for all women, men and children.