MatriaVal e.V.

The MOTHER association – MatriaCon

MatriaVal is a registered association concerned with matriarchal societies and matriarchal values.  The Val in the names comes from values.

Matriarchal societies are societies in balance. They are aligned with nature, are peaceful in every respect, women and men value each other and age is honored. Mothers are in the center and the maternal principle of nurturing and providing for others is the foundation for the entire social structure. There are numerous matriarchal societies throughout the world.

Our association was founded in order to support these cultures which once existed in every part of the world. We also would like to incorporate their values into our every day lives.  To further these goals we have initiatives and projects such as: Mutterlandbriefe (Letters from the Motherland), the archive MatriaWis.

The association to support matriarchal societies and to convey matriarchal values was founded on the 19th of October 2006 in Frankfurt on the Main in Germany by Gudrun Frank-Wissmann, Dr. Heide Göttner-Abendroth, Dr. Malika Grasshoff, Siegrun Laurent, Uschi Madeisky, Dagmar Margotsdotter-Fricke, Dr. Christa Mulack, Gudrun Nositschka.


Die Trägerinnen

Uschi Madeisky
Dagmar Margotsdotter-Fricke


Im Klingenfeld 37
D – 60435 Frankfurt a. M.
Tel. 069 9 55 07 031

Two world congresses for matriarchal research preceded the foundation:

2003 Society in Balance

This congress was held in Luxembourg and enabled scientists from all over the world to present their research on matrilinieal, matrifocal and matriarchal societies. In addition they discussed how to create a social order free of violence which respects all life on earth.
(Director: Dr. Heide Göttner-Abendroth, International Academy HAGIA)

2005 Societies of Peace

The peacefulness of these societies was the focus of the second world congress in Texas, where in addition to international scientists many representatives of matriarchies attended and spoke about their cultures: Khasi (India), Minangkabau (Sumatra), Tuareg (North Africa), Mosuo (China), Juchitán (Mexico), Arkan (Africa), Iroquois (USA), Maori (New Zealand), Kabylen (Algeria).
(Directors: Dr. Heide Göttner-Abendroth, International Academy HAGIA,
and Genevieve Vaughan, Center for the Study of the Gift Economy, Austin)

During this congress we realized that the representatives of the various matriarchies were mostly unaware of the existence of the others. Most of them believed that they were living according to their own ancient traditions and that no other community lived like them. They also believed that no one was interested in their culture. After meeting at the congresses, they knew that they were not alone. This was the beginning of a flourishing network of support and reinforcement.

Unfortunately it also became clear that the very existence of societies living according to matriarchal values and traditions were being increasingly threatened by the patriarchy. Among the dangers are globalization, religious proselytizing, Americanization, mass media and tourism.
We want to combat these dangers through the work of our association while protecting and reinforcing the matriarchal consciousness and the matriarchal way of life everywhere through:

  • Networking people and groups from matriarchal cultures
  • Networking researchers
  • Creating models for people to live by as well as projects in which people can live according to matriarchal values
  • Presenting matriarchal knowledge through films, books, exhibits, magazines, television, radio, congresses, conferences, workshops and events
  • Libraries and archives with books, scientific papers, films, audio recordings and art in this field
  • Supporting the creation of educational institutions in matriarchal and non-matriarchal societies