The events

Upcoming Events

It is a part of our school to appreciate new impulses, welcome ideas, accept suggestions and to expand and make adjustments to our program as part of a dynamic process. For that reason it is worthwhile to return to our website once in a while to see what is new and to find out which EVENTS have been included in the program.

For instance, soon you will find information about a planned talk and workshop with Annine van der Meer.

Film Screenings

In addition to talks and workshops many films are screened, among others the films Matriarchies Worldwide or Where the Free Women Live. Dates and times of the screenings can be found by clicking this link: FILMS

Look Back

at the foundation of MatriaCon in the year 2017 and the most important events since.

By clicking on ‘Look back at previous events’ you will discover which events have taken place.