Matriarchal Consciousness

Matriarchal Consciousness – What is that?

Matriarchal consciousness is knowledge of a way of life in which women are honored for their regenerative abilities, in which the well-being of mothers, children and the elderly are the focus of society, in which peacefulness and nurturing are basic virtues for all members – women and men, where there is a symbolic order of mothers (according to Luisa Muraro). We recognize these fundamental matriarchal values in many contemporary egalitarian cultures all around the globe. In our Western society we speak of matriarchal consciousness as soon as the above mentioned values are dawning and there are efforts to nurture them and provide them with sustainable space.

Ambassadors for Matriarchal Consciousness?

We want to cultivate consciousness for matriarchal ways of life and matriarchal values. We want to provide people, who are searching for ways of life which conserve resources, are life-affirming and peaceful, with knowledge, skills and adaptation techniques in order work together to find new ways of nurturing interconnectedness inspired by matriarchal cultures.

This includes mutual esteem and appreciation of the genders, overcoming patriarchal family structures in favor of matriarchal clans, the safeguarding children, mothers and the elderly, overcoming an economy driven exclusively by profit, treating Mother Earth in ways that conserve resources and are sustainable, as well as learning consensus oriented decision-making using a communication style oriented on needs.

We want to support indigenous matriarchal cultures in their appreciation of the value of their centuries old life strategies and means of survival. We also would like to assist them to get to know each other and network.

Everyone who is active in this regard can become an Ambassador of Matriarchal Consciousness.

This lies in our interest and so in principle (almost) all of our educational offerings are accessible to everyone.