The School

MatriaCon – an international school for Matriarchal Consciousness?

MatriaCon is an abbrevation of matriarchal consciousness – – in accord with the way we create names in our organization MatriaVal (matriarchal values). All the intellectual children receive the same “clan name”: matria, which is then completed with that which is specific to the new project. In our case it is the values of lived consciousness.

We are international: Our instructors as well as our students and of course the matriarchal cultures which guide us come from all mother countries.

In the tenth year since our organization was founded the need arose for a school to convey the collective knowledge of matriarchal cultures to seekers as well as to the curious: a central place for questions and discussions about the practical realization of matriarchal knowledge in our every day lives.

In 2017 MatriaCon was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Our midwives were countless and our Guardian Heras were The Council of Grandmothers, along with our representative of the indigenous women of the Kablei, Dr. Malika Grasshoff.

During the first two years we organized numerous workshops and other events and were also invited to activities organized by others, in order to share our knowledge and experience. We have experienced how much both individuals and groups long for impulses from matriarchal individuals and matriarchal societies for their own behavior and influence, in order to structure the contexts of their own lives and also to introduce these ideas into the development of social structures of their community. We have recognized that those interested in matriarchies, in addition to their appreciation of MatriaCon’s events, have an even much greater desire for suggestions and concrete support for their own activities.

This had made MatriaCon more of a linchpin for events, happenings, internet appearances, publications, media, artwork, dialogs, research projects and publications on topics related to matriarchy.

Currently we see our primary function as providing support for individuals, groups and institutions interested in matriarchal consciousness and who would like to orient themselves on matriarchies by assisting them in their activities and offering advice, answering questions, accompanying them and helping them to network. For this reason we are placing less emphasis on the organization of our own classes and workshops in favor of serving as tutors, advisers, networkers, co-organizers and coaches. As such we are willing to travel to events in other regions in the hope that this will lead to introducing matriarchal consciousness and influence in more regions and our network of Ambassadors for Matriarchal Consciousness continues to expand.